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High Quality Video Content on a RED-HOT TOPIC



Put Your Name on this Video Series to Instantly Boost
Brand, Credibility, Engagement & Income

Educational, Timely & Evergreen
“Cyber Security For Business”
Video Content…


All “Live Action” Videos for Increased Value and Engagement!

Real Actors Recorded Using High Quality Video Equipment, 

Professional Sets and Scenes, So Each Video is Engaging and Informative.. 

EASY TO CONSUME..  Each Live Action Video is approximately one minute long..

All packed with useful and easy to understand information on the most prominent  

Cyber Security Issues Facing All Businesses that Use The Internet in 2022..

 Each Video Describes a Specific Cyber Threat, How it Effects the Business, What to 

Look Out For and Specific Tips on How To Avert an Attack of that kind.. 

12 Part Video Series


Save Hours upon Hours Researching and Writing These Scripts 

Save Hundreds of Dollars on Video Outsourcing Costs & Fees  

Instantly Add Video Content (That Matters) to Your Product Arsenal.. 

Who Could Use This Content?

…and more!

Current Headlines Warn Businesses!

EXPLODING MARKET: This Small Business Cyber Security Video "Crash Course" is For Anyone Online!


There are millions of searches on Google every day about how to guard against hacking and phishing attacks, Malwares, ransomware and crypto crimes – So many are looking for high-quality information and training resources on Cyber Security Content of all kinds..

This Video Collection can be used as a set or as independent videos..  It covers the essential basics of cyber security awareness and the proven ways to reduce threats, while increasing security levels for any small business.. 

The material addresses specific threats companies face in 2022..  Along with the proven ways basic awareness can help small to mid-sized businesses with limited budgets to dedicate towards the increasing cyber-security risks posed to all companies..

Each video describes a specific cyber threat, how it effects the business, what to look out for and specific tips on how to to avert that specific kind of attack..


That’s because so many are dependent on their internet connection for various reasons.. This Video Content Will Matter to a Huge Number Web Users in ANY Niche.. “Cyber Security Essentials for Small Business” is a Set of 12 Online Security Educational Style Videos. 

Each Live action video is approximately one minute long,  using actors and professional sets, All videos have professionally written and well researched scripts..  All packed with useful, easy to consume information on the most essential cyber security issues facing any business that uses the internet in 2022 (that’s pretty much all of them)..

This instantly provides Your Own Online Cyber Security Defense Video Series to Brand as Your Own.. Use to generate massive Trust, Authority, Engagement Leads and Income..

Many Ways to Profit...

…and more!

A Straight To The Point, Easy to Consume, Video Course Providing 
Proven Methods for How Any Organization Can Defend Against Rising Threats.

While this is not meant to be a fully comprehensive video course, It’s designed to be an overview of the most prominent treats currently to small businesses and ways to quickly protect themselves.. With the information presented here, the viewer will know enough about cyber security defenses “to be dangerous” (to the bad guys)..

Most Prevalent Online Threats & Attacks

Small Business Cyber Security Essentials
is a Value for ANY Business

A Consultant’s Must, Any Business you would service
Will get Huge Value from this proven video series..

Any Business can use this as a Workplace Cyber Crimes Prevention Training Course.. It’s a full DFY video training designed for any experience level. The video course covers the most common threats and ways to detect and prevent them in the the workplace and beyond. 

A 12-part video series, details various threats which companies really must train their employees on so their organizations (and the customers they serve) can prevent becoming victims. The videos are easy to consume and explain how the given threat works and how to avoid it using basic skills and simple awareness along with steps to take when one detects they may have become a victim of cyber crime..

Businesses can get out in front of compliance issues by providing this training  to their employees. small business owners, organization compliance managers and fraud specialists can use this course to create and manage their own cyber crimes prevention training program. 

Instant Built-In Value: Businesses with limited budgets for cyber security prevention can use this series to educate their employees about the latest threats in 2022.

Awareness training such as this offers tangible and proven protection in reducing the likelihood of successful attacks against a given business.


How To Get The Most Out Of This PLR Package

For Offliners, 

For Onliners, 

Cybercrimes are now an Everyday Concern For Businesses.

Cyber Security statistics indicate a significant rise in data breaches and hacking, most of which involve workplace devices. Many organizations have poor security practices, making them vulnerable to all types of cyber threats. And this is exacerbated by the presence of recent global conflicts as well..

2022 is a year hit by unprecedented cyber-crimes, with many data breaches, ransomware attacks, and even sophisticated state-sponsored cyber-attacks (fueled by the increasing tensions on the world’s stage).

2022 Will See The Highest Incidence of Cyber Crime Ever! (and It May Just Grow from Here)

There’s So Many Factors that have Recently Increased the Need for This Content. That’s because it’s an important subject that gets the attention of almost Anybody Doing Anything Online (Business or Casual)..

This “Tip-Based” 12 Part Series of Cyber Safety Training Videos are designed to educate the viewer on the most prominent threats and the best practices to prevent them.. Great for ANY Business.. Perfect for those marketing to or consulting with businesses as well..

Any Businesses with employees using the internet will get huge value from this DFY video product.. Brand and Build Instant trust, credibility and authority.. Cyber Security is a multi-billion dollar industry that Has to Spend Big on quality content about the subject..

Engaging and Valuable Content in this Twelve Part Educational Video Series.. The content has been researched and professionally scripted in a “Tip-Based Format” so it‘s easy for any experience level internet user to engage with.

Engaging Video Content – An Evergreen Video Series that’s Educational, Timely and Essential is a perfect way to establish that all-important emotional connection with your market and prospects. 

Creating Good Video Content is Expensive and Time Consuming, paying someone to create a package like this would cost you well over $1,000 and weeks of effort dealing with outsourcers. Researching the topic thoroughly, writing the scripts, creating the videos could take you months…

In this done for you set of New “Essential For 2022” PLR Videos, We have Removed all the Hassles and Expense.. The best part is we’ve done it all at a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay to have this video series made.. Just plug into your business, brand this content however you wish and profit!..  Let it work for you 24/7..

Let's Recap What You'll Get..

Total: $1500 VALUE

Plus,You Get All These

Killer Bonuses!


HTML Sales Page

Complete sales page in HTML format that you can use to resell this product


Sample Video in MP4 format

Play Video


Prevent your kids from Getting Into
Trouble and Danger on the Internet


...and more!


6-Page Lead Magnet PDF Report

Top 10 tips to consider to keep your
WordPress installation secure and hacker-proof

What's Included?

...and more!


Clip Art images related to Web Security


Let's Recap What You'll Get..

Total: $1500 VALUE

Don't Delay! Grab This Pack Now When
The Price Is Low!

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