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New PLR Content That Matters (and could actually make a difference) Educational, Timley & Evergreen “Cyber Security” Video Content…
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  • Web Designers
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  • Local Businesses
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Online Security is foremost on everyone’s mind... This PLR Will Matter to a Vast Number in ANY Niche.. Cyber Security PLR videos is A Set of 10 Online Security "PSA Type" Videos. Each with professional, researched scripts with Pro Voice Over added.. This will instantly give you your own on-line security defense video series to brand as your own to generate massive trust, authority, engagement and income..

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10 Part Video Series

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Engaging and Valuable Content in this Ten Part Video Series.. The content has been researched and professionally scripted in a "Tip-Based Format" so it is easy for any level internet user to understand and engage with.

Engaging Video Content is King - And Evergreen Video Content that’s Educational and Timely is a perfect way to establish that all important emotional connection with your market and prospects. 

Creating Good Video Content is Expensive and Time Consuming, paying someone to create a package like this would cost you well over $1,000 and weeks of effort without outsourcers. Researching the topic thoroughly, writing the scripts, creating the videos, hiring a pro voice-over artist, and finding the right music (royalty free) could take you months…

In this done for you set of New "Important-Topic" PLR Videos, we have removed all the hassle and expense.. Just plug into your business and profit. The best part is we’ve done it all at a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay to have this video series made..  Just brand this content however you wish..  and let it work for you 24/7..

Online Security is a Hot Topic for Everyone in Today's World
(From General Computer users to Businesses of All Sizes)

There’s not one major news network that hasn’t addressed this issue in The last year.. That’s because it’s a Super-Hot Topic that gets the attention of almost Anybody Doing Anything online (for business or pleasure)..

This Tip-Based 10 Part Series of On-line safety videos are designed to educate the viewer on the most common scams, attacks and hacks..

Great for any business that deals with the general public.. Perfect for those selling to or consulting with businesses..

Businesses with employees using the internet will be a huge market for this PLR video series as well.. Brand and Build Instant trust, credibility and authority..

Cyber Security is a multi-billion dollar industry that’s open to offliners and onliners alike..
Ten Video Lessons on keeping on-line internet activities secure and safe (4 Tips in Each)..

Engaging, informative, and trust building video content at a Killer Price Now (Created using an Engaging "HandyDraw" Style)..
* All videos approx. 1-2 minutes (Each covers four tips on avoiding that specific scam)

Online Security PLR Videos - Avoiding Online Scams

Plus,You Get All These

Killer Bonuses!

Bonus #1
Complete "Safe Surfing" Video Course (Including Re-Sell Rights)

Perfect for Consultants, Agencies & Online Marketers a like
Surefire Surfing Security
(10 Part Video Course)
Professionally Instructed - Covers the Most Common
Security Issues *Includes Resale Rights
  • Video #1. Introduction to Online Security
  • Video #2. Online Protection 101
  • Video #3. Anti-Virus / Firewall
  • Video #4. Spyware / Malware protection
  • Video #5. Passwords
  • Video #6. Browser Password Breach
  • Video #7. Centralize & encrypt passwords with this software
  • Video #8. Surfing Security
  • Video #9. How to spot Phishing scams
  • Video #10. What to do if your identity has been taken
Watch as a Former Web Security Expert Reveals
How You Can Protect Your Identity While Surfing Online
Starting Today - This is a Step by Step Video Course You Can Re-Sell!

Bonus 2
20 Identity Theft PLR Articles
20 Identity Theft PLR articles to quickly add content to your (or your client's)
Web Site, Newsletter, Marketing Campaigns, Social Channels,
or 100% Profit by Reselling them.

  • 10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Online Identity Theft
  • Asian Countries Worried About Identity Theft
  • Don't Get Caught by a Phishing Scheme
  • Everything That You Need To Know About Online Identity Theft
  • Fight Back Against Identity Theft
  • How To Avoid Getting Into Identity Theft Trouble
  • How To Avoid Phishing Scams
  • How to Check Your Credit Report for Evidence of Identity Theft
  • How to Protect Your Children's Identities
  • How To Protect Your Identity Online
  • Identity Theft Basics
  • Identity Theft Stop It Now
  • Phishing And Fraud – What Is It
  • Phishing and Pharming Dangerous Scams
  • Phishing Scams, A Growing Identity Theft Menace
  • Preventing Identity Theft
  • Simple Steps To Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft
  • Steps to Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft
  • Who is Phishing for Your Information
  • Will Your Business be a Victim of Identity Theft
Add More Quality Content to your Arsenal. Help Your Customers (and their customers) not to become a Victim of Identity Theft.

Bonus #3
10 Bonus Reports!

Reports Match the Video Scripts (1 - 2 pgs each)
Four Tips on How to Avoid the Credit Card Banking Scam
Four Tips on How to Avoid the Hidden URL Scam
Four Tips on How to Avoid the Hijacked Profile Scam
Four Tips on How to Avoid the Lottery Scam
Four Tips on How to Avoid the Mystery Shopper Scam
Four Tips on How to Avoid the Nigerian Check Scam
Four Tips on How to Avoid the Quiz Scam
Four Tips on How to Avoid the Sick Baby Scam
Four Tips on How to Avoid the Survey Scam
Four Tips on How to Avoid the Suspicious Photo Scam
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Online Security PLR Videos - Avoiding Online Scams
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  • [NO] Cannot Give or Sell Private Label Rights
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