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Offline Consultant's Tool
Fast, Easy "Risk Score"
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Wordpress Plugin
Secure Any WP Website in
Just a Few Clicks
We were going to release these separately, but we thought it would be better to Pile on the Value Here... You're Getting TWO Full Agency Products that will instantly increase authority and income.

First, Take a Look at this Unique White Label Security Analysis Software (Use this to instantly Add a Valuable Service You Could Charge For - Generates a Brandable Leave Behind report).

Consultant's Vulnerability Analyzer Tool

Wordpress Plugin Creates a
Fast, Easy "Risk Assessment" Score & Brandable Report
Vulnerability Analyzer
Wordpress Plugin
  • Industry Grade Analysis
  • Researched Content
  • WP Plugin Easy and Fast Install
  • Use Any WP Theme
  • You Control On Your Domain
  • White Label Header Branding
  • Mobile Responsive Interface
  • Generates A 3-Page Report
  • Liability-Free (No result has 0% Risk Factor)
  • Charge New Clients for This Service
  • Use as a Value-Add for Existing Clients
  • Use as a "Foot-In-The-Door" with Prospects
White Label "Brandable" Easy to Use Quiz/Software that you'll be proud to put your name on (just brand, upload and put it to work).

Put it behind a password for phone consultations or use it in One-on-One Cyber Security Assessment Sessions. Consultants and Agencies could use this to help any small to mid-sized business with the assessment of their cyber security risk quotient - EVEN IF THEY DON'T HAVE A WP SITE.

The Cyber Security Analyzer tool is sure to bring you authority and income as an online marketing consultant helping local businesses with a Service That Matters So Vitally to their Entire Business...

Easy To Use (White Label) Software Determines Any Business'
"Cyber Security Risk Quotient" - Even if they Don't Use Wordpress


Brilliant WordPress Plugin
Protect UNLIMITED Client WP Sites From Being Targeted
Wordpress Security Plugin
  • Secure any WP site with only a few clicks
  • Hide all the signals that it is a wordpress site
  • In a click, secure all your folders, uploads, themes, plugins and avoid theft
  • Avoid hackers & keep any WP site safe today
  • Simple and Easy to Install WP Plugin
  • Easily Hide Your Meta Tags and Files and more
  • And More!
Do you know that over 170,000 WordPress blogs and
websites were hacked last year?
  • 41% were hacked via their hosting provider
  • 29% were hacked via a vulnerability in the WordPress theme they were using
  • 22% were hacked via a vulnerability in a plugin that was installed on WordPress
  • 8% were hacked because was they were using a weak password
And the numbers never stop increasing, if you own or sell wordpress sites currently and have never got hacked, I guess you have been lucky - But Don't Count on It Lasting

So how does the plugin help... Simple:
Hackers Can't Hack what they Can't See!
With a few clicks you'll change all the standard paths that HackersĀ rely on to hack any word press site... Themes Paths, Plug-ins Paths, Ad-Min paths, Up-load folders paths Log-in paths, Plus Hide Meta Tags - Hide Files - Rename files - Redirect 404 pages and more
  • Secure your wordpress site with only a few clicks of the mouse
  • Hide all the signals that you own a wordpress site
  • In a click, secure all your folders, uploads, themes, plugins and avoid theft
  • Avoid hackers & keep your site safe today
  • Simple and Easy to Install WP Plugin
  • You Control On Your Domain
You'll even Hide That it's a WP Site At All!!

Offer Both to Unlimited Clients with Today's Unlimited Commercial Rights License...
Use the Risk Analyser Tool as a Lead in & the Plug-in as Your Service,
Start Charging Monthly Today!

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Any other support related questions, please contact [email protected]